Newt Surveys

Newts are associated with standing water and with grassland, scrub, hedgerow, and woodland habitats within 500m of standing water. Newt Surveys are often required on sites where suitable breeding habitat occurs on-site or within 200m of the site boundary.

A Newt Survey involves a minimum of 4 site visits constructed of 2x daytime survey visits and 2x night-time survey visits. Surveys include searching for the presence of absence of adult newts, efts and eggs within the present water bodies on or within 200m of the proposed site. the newt survey season is short and runs from March – June, all 4 site visits are required to be carried out during this period.

If newts are found on-site or within 200m of the site boundary, our ecologists will develop a Newt Mitigation Plan and advise on cost-effective solutions.

Newt Surveys

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