Where a Bat Roost Potential Survey identifies low, moderate, or high potential/suitability for roosting bats further emergence/re-entry surveys will be required to confirm the presence or likely absence.

Bat Roost Emergence/Re-entry Surveys, involve our ecologists observing the building(s) or tree(s) for approximately 2hrs at dusk (a dusk survey) and/or for approximately 2hrs prior to dawn (a pre-dawn survey). A dusk and pre-dawn survey carried out within 24hrs counts as one survey visit. It is necessary to ensure complete surveillance coverage from 2 or more viewpoints.

  • All surveys must take place during the bat active season (May-Sep inclusive)
  • At least one survey must take place during the peak of activity (May-Aug inclusive)
  • Surveys must be distributed as far throughout the active season as possible.
  • All surveys must be conducted during suitable weather conditions (not wet, windy or cold)

If the assessment indicates that impacts are likely, our ecologists will advise on the most appropriate mitigation plan.


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